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Ocean Wise

Ocean Wise est un programme de conservation créé pour informer les consommateurs et les entreprises sur les enjeux liés aux pêcheries et aux pratiques d’aquaculture afin de les habiliter à faire des choix écoresponsables. Découvrez nos produits issus de pêche durable certifiés Ocean Wise.

Acadian Gold - 50 gr

The Acadian Gold from New Brunswick is produced from a rare variety of the shortsnout sturgeon. With grain size similar to ossetra and very mild taste (buttery, sea salt, nutty), this caviar will delight both caviar connoisseurs and first ...


Cascumpec - 50 ct

Raised in the waters of Cascumpec Bay, PEI, these oysters are medium-sized with full meats and a clean, briny taste. Fully sustainable, these oysters have a reputation for quality.


Chebooktook Choice 3'' - 100 ct

Chebooktook (che-book-took) is the original Micmac name meaning "great little harbour".  This was later adapted to the word Bouctouche, located in New Brunswick.  Bouctouche Bay offers pristine waters and ideal conditions for the ...


Nordic Shrimp (fz) - 1 lb

Frozen local nordic shrimp from Quebec, these are small, salty at the outset with a sweet meat. Perfect for your salads, pastas, or just as a snack. 454gr.


Northern Divine - 50 gr

Certified Organic and OceanWise, Northern Divine's sturgeon caviar is firm and crunchy, with buttery taste and a slightly nutty finish.


Ōra King Salmon fillet - 200 gr

Ōra King is our unique, best of breed salmon. The world's best chefs love this salmon for its exceptional yield and even cooking. The high oil content delivers a pleasantly rich, luscious taste with a clean finish and an elegant, silky ...


PEI Halibut - 3.8 kg

Prince Edward Island raised Halibut, 100% Canadian and sustainable. Terrestrial tank aquaculture method, certified sustainable and natural without hormones or antibiotics. Firm and tender white flesh with a delicate savory taste.


Rimouski Sea Urchins - Dz

A dozen feshly caught sea urchins from Rimouski, called the foie gras of the sea! Available by case of 10lbs online. 


Scallops U10 - 1lb

High quality scallops frozen at sea. Large size, perfect for your ceviche or pan seared scallops!


Sliced Smoked Sockeye Salmon - 227gr

Smoked wild Sockeye salmon, produced by Organic Ocean in British Columbia. Great as a snack or for cocktails with friends. 227gr. Frozen product.


Trésor du Large 3" - 50 ct

Medium sized oyster, full and sweet flesh, crisp, very salty (like a bite of the sea). The first Quebec oyster on the market.


Urchin Roe (QC) - 100 gr

Freshly caught sea urchins from Rimouski, called the foie gras of the sea! These are already opened and prepared in 100 gr trays, ready to use.



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