Cook's Assistant / Dishwasher APPLIQUER MAINTENANT

Sat, Nov 21, 2020

About La Mer

La Mer is Montreal's top-quality and fresh fish and seafood wholesaler. For more than fifty years, the Sea has been supplying fresh fish and seafood to Montreal's general public and top chefs.

The freshness of the products we offer is at the heart of our priorities. That's why La Mer makes sure to arrive every day, in order to offer chefs, fish and seafood of impeccable quality to embellish their menus. Our buyers are rigorous and always on the lookout for unique products from Quebec, Canada and all the world's oceans. In addition, La Mer works with suppliers who share our same values in terms of quality standards and eco-responsibility principles.

Making the decision to join the La Mer team means opting for an unparalleled work experience in a small third-generation family business. We are looking for passionate candidates who share our values and who seek to contribute to our mission while developing their skills and knowledge in the field.

Job description

The cook's assistant assists in the preparation and packaging of the company's various fresh, frozen, dry and ready-to-eat products. He will have to use different kitchen and packaging equipment. He will have to cook and prepare dishes, oyster platters and seafood under the direction of the chef. He'll have to do it, he's in charge of cleaning the kitchen and the seethler.

Lines of communication

The kitchen assistant is under the direction of its production manager. The chief will give him the priorities of tasks to be performed.

Qualifications and requirements

  • Must have at least 6 months of experience in the kitchens.
  • Certification M.A.P.A.Q an asset.
  • Knowledge of fish and seafood is an asset.
  • Works in accordance with Canadian occupational health and safety standards.

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