filet de sole petrale congelee
filet de sole petrale cuite
filet de sole petrale congelee

Frozen Petrale Sole Fillet

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Format:200 gr

What is Wild Petrale Sole?

There are lots of soles/flounders on the West coast of North America but the king of all flatfish is Petrale Sole.  Petrale Sole (also called Brill) is actually not a sole but rather a flounder. It's considered to be the most flavorful and desirable of the Pacific flounders and has a mild, delicately nutty, sweet flavour with small, firm flakes. Caught of the coast of Oregon, wild Petrale Sole checks all the boxes for sustainability.  It's Ocean Wise approved, Seafood Watch best choice and MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified. 

How to Cook Wild Petrale Sole Fillets

These premium flatfish fillets are very versatile.  They can be baked, broiled, pan fired, deep fried or sautéed. Why not prepare the fillets in a classic sole meunière style that highlights the simple flavours of fresh fish, butter, lemon and parsley.