B.C. Spot Prawn Tails - 1 lb

The wild B.C. spot prawn is the largest of the seven commercial species of shrimp found on the west coast of Canada with females often exceeding nine inches in length. They are most recognizable for their reddish brown colour (which turns ...

$29.99 $49.99

Gowanbrae Choice - 100 ct

Named after the area they’re grown in at the head of Souris River these oysters have a crisp salty flavour profile with a vegetal hint.

$119.00 $135.00

Organic Salmon - 200 gr

Fresh Organic Atlantic salmon, farm-raised in Ireland. 200gr fillet, perfect for one serving.

$8.79 $10.69

PEI Halibut Fillet - 200 gr

Fillet of freshly cut farmed PEI halibut. Its firm, rich meat is delicious prepared any way.

$10.19 $11.59

Searrano Salmon - 85 gr

Slices of salmon aged for 30 days, seasoned with honey and spices. Salmon charcuterie in 85g format. Frozen product

$7.99 $8.99


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