Calmars & Pieuvre Calmars & Pieuvre

Ocean treasures: refined selection of calmars and octopuses

Our Sashimi quality fresh calmars come from the East Atlantic coast with arrivals twice a week. For octopus lovers, you will find the best octopus in Morocco in store, available frozen or thawed, whole and on legs. Do not miss our frozen and grilled octopus calmers ready to eat!

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Squid U10 - 2kg
Sale price$85.99
Octopus Legs T3 - 450 gr
Sale price$23.99
T4 Octopus Morocco - 1.7 kg
Sale price$62.99
Squid in olive oil - 111 gr
Sale price$20.99
Squid Salad - 227 gr.
Sale price$7.29
Octopus in olive oil - 111g
Sale price$19.99
Squid rings - 454g
Sale price$9.99
Marinated Octopus - 227 gr
Sale price$12.99
Grilled Octopus - 200 gr
Sale price$27.99
Sold out
Calmar entier congelé - 1 kg
Frozen whole squid - 1 kg
Sale price$14.29
Sold out
Calamars à l'encre - 111 gr
Squid in Ink - 111 gr
Sale price$17.99
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Pieuvre prête à griller - 200 gr
Sold out
Calmars frais - 1 lb
Fresh Squid - 1lb
Sale price$13.99