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Your source for the best lobster in Quebec

Our live lobster arrives several times a week from regions with the best lobsters in the world: Gaspésie, Anticosti Island or Îles-de-la-Madeleine in season, otherwise from Nova Scotia during the rest of the year. In our tanks you will only find live hard shell lobsters of medium or large size, 1.5lbs and more. No soft little lobsters!

Buy your lobster live or fresh cooked by our chef. Also in store you can find premium frozen lobster tails and lobster meat from Canada!

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Lobster Platter
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Live Lobster (NS) - 1.5 lbs
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Cooked Lobster (NS) - 1.5 lbs
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Canadian Lobster Tails - 2 un
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Lobster Meat (CK) Frozen
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