Your source for live and freshly cooked lobster year-round

Our live Canadian lobster arrives several times a week from Nova Scotia or the Magdalen Islands in season, the two regions with the best lobsters in the world. In our tanks you will only find live lobsters with hard shells, size 1.5lbs and more. No soft or small lobsters!

Buy your live or fresh lobster cooked by our chef. You can also find premium quality frozen lobster tails and lobster meat from Canada in store! 

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How to Cook Lobster

Lobster can be cooked in a number of ways, including steamed or boiled. It is also possible to grill lobster! Steaming is preferred by our chef because it retains the natural taste and tenderness of the lobster. Cooking time varies depending on the size of the lobster.

Don't have time to prepare your lobster? We have freshly cooked lobster available in store every day. Please order in advance online if you would like us to cook and crack your lobster to order, free of charge!

Lobster Recipes

Follow our expert advice on the following links to learn all about lobster, where it comes from, how it is prepared and cooked, and sublime recipes from our partner chefs!

Lobster Recipes

Lobster Prices

Lobster prices may vary depending on the season and availability, and especially global demand since it is exported all over the world. In Quebec, the fishermen's association negotiates a price with buyers (transformers, distributors, etc.) at the beginning of the season. Lobster is generally less expensive in season (May-June) and more expensive for the rest of the year.

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