Palourdes Palourdes

Live clams in the shell

Discover our fresh shell clams, available in several sizes for all preparations! Our selection of fresh clams is the largest in Montreal, you will find in store the classic Littleneck clam, the small clams Pasta and Savoury, the big clay Cherrystone, the shells of New Zealand, and other exotic clams like the clams knives !

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Cherrystone Clams - Dz
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Littleneck Clams
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Breaded clams - 280g
Sale price$13.69
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Myes - 1 lb
Steamer Clams - 1 lb
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Palourdes couteaux - 1 lb
Razor Clams - 1 lb
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Palourdes Savoury - 2 lbs
Savory Clams - 2 lbs
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Palourdes Pasta - 2 lbs
Pasta clams - 2 lbs
Sale price$19.99