Refund policy


At La Mer, the satisfaction of our customers is paramount for us. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality and freshness of the product you bought from La Mer, we will exchange or refund the product.

We accept returns with the following conditions:


- The product must be defective (quality or freshness problem) or not good for consumption.

- The return of fresh and frozen products must be made within 3 days for fresh and frozen products, and 15 days for dry goods, following the date of purchase.

- The return of ready-to-eat platters and ready-to-eat dishes must be made within 24 hours of purchase. We ask you to notify us by email including a photo if a product is not good for consumption.

- The original invoice corresponding to the product purchased must be provided.

- The product must be returned as intact as possible, and with or in its original packaging. Please check the condition of the product before preparing it. We cannot accept returns for products cooked or otherwise processed after purchase.

- If the conditions mentioned above are not met, we will unfortunately not be able to exchange or refund your products.

- We may ask you to provide personal information such as your first and last name, your address, your telephone number, your mail address but also an identity document.


- For customers who can not travel to the store within 3 days of the date of purchase of the product, you are requested to notify us by phone of any problem with a product purchased at La Mer within 3 days of your purchase. If the product purchased is fresh, it will be necessary to return it to us frozen within 15 days. If the purchased product is frozen, you will have to bring it back frozen with its original packaging within 15 days.

- For products purchased in the accessories section, there can be no return if the packaging has been opened, except in the case where the product is defective.

- The products purchased in promotion will be refunded to the same amount as the purchase and not the amount of the regular price of the product.

- If your purchases were paid with a La Mer gift card or gift certificate, any refund will be made through a new gift card or gift certificate corresponding to the amount of the returned product.


If all the conditions presented above are met, and if you want a refund rather than an exchange of the same product or its equivalent, La Mer will refund you the amount corresponding to the product(s) returned, according to the same method of payment made at the time of purchase.


Some products are excluded from The Return and refund policy of the sea, they will not be able to be returned or be the subject of a refund or exchange ;

  • Gift cards bought at La Mer
  • Products in liquidation or final sales
  • Books whose packaging has been opened