Plateaux de fruits de mer Plateaux de fruits de mer

Seafood trays prepared on site

Our delicious seafood, smoked products, open oysters and our tailor -made trays will satisfy the tastes and preferences of all seafood lovers.

Taste freshly cooked lobster, fresh fish tartares, cooked shrimps, crab, caviar, and even more options by adding to our basic sets. Freshness, quality and know -how are our dearest treasures to better serve you!

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Plateau de fruits de mer classique
Classic seafood platter
Sale price$129.00
Smoked Seafood Platter
Sale price$109.00
Smoked Seafood Half-Platter
Sale price$59.99
Shrimp Cocktail Platter
Sale priceFrom $42.99
Cooked Lobster (NS) - 1.5 lbs
Sale priceFrom $58.99
Scampi Platter
Sale price$219.00
P.E.I. Oyster Platter
Sale price$36.00
Lobster Platter
Sale priceFrom $125.00
Cocktail Oyster Platter
Sale price$29.00
Sold out
Plateau d'huîtres américaines
American Oyster Platter
Sale price$49.00
Sold out
Thon frais (coupe tartare) - 200 gr