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St. Lawrence Treasure: The Exquisite Crabe of the Neiges of Quebec

Discover the snow crab, a popular gastronomic specialty from cold and deep waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Quebec. This crustacean is not only appreciated for its white, tender and delicate flesh, but it is also a symbol of the culinary wealth of the region.

During the Snow Crabe season in Quebec, you will find live snow crab and crab legs of the freshly cooked snow crab.

We have been working with the best crab fishermen and transformers for over 30 years to provide you with the biggest crab of the best quality snow available in Montreal. With several arrivals per week, we ensure the freshness of the crab. It is even possible to buy it alive. Book your crab online to be sure you have it for your crab feast!

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Live Snow Crab
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Crabe des neiges frais 2L
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Crabe des neiges frais 3L (extra large)
Crabe des neiges frais 3L - 10 lbs
Seafood scissors
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chair de pattes de crabe des neiges
Snow Crab Leg Meat - 180 gr
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Snow Crab Meat
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