Why choose La Mer?

A specialist in fish and seafood since 1968, La Mer has established itself as a major player in Montreal's fresh fish and seafood haute cuisine.

For more than fifty years, we have been seducing and astonishing chefs and seafood lovers alike with our unique products of incomparable quality. Partner with La Mer and discover the benefits of our service and know-how.

The freshness and quality of the products we offer is at the heart of our priorities. Our experienced buyers seek out and source the best treasures of the sea from Quebec, Canada and the world.

Mission & Vision Our mission is to make La Mer "A Reference" in terms of

  • Gastronomy of the sea
  • Sustainability and recognized environmental management
  • Product Development & Innovations
  • Ethical, transparent, long-term trade
  • Quality, traceability and food safety.

Our Commitments : Offering all our customers the best of the sea is both our business and our ambition. Day after day, our customers must be able to judge this, according to our commitments in terms of:

  • Freshness
  • Traceability
  • Gastronomic pleasure
  • Value 
  • Quality guaranteed with every order
  • Outstanding service (last-mile logistics)
  • Communication of arrivals and seasonal products
  • Forecasting our customers' needs taking into account seasonality, market conditions and product availability
  • Expert advice from our experienced fishmongers
  • Access to the widest variety of fresh fish and seafood in Montreal

A Commercial Account at La Mer:

It's a long-term partnership. Sourcing and providing the best fresh fish and seafood is an increasingly demanding job. The complexity of sourcing requires an understanding of your needs on a weekly basis and requires collaboration on your part to ensure the quality and freshness of the products. We seek to partner with clients who share our vision, values, work ethic, and commitment to excellence.

When can I place my order?

Please your order no later than the night before for next-day delivery or pickup. For large quantities of fresh fish or seafood, or for some products that are less common, a pre-order is required several days in advance depending on the lead time to receive the product.

How do I place my order?

  • By phone (Monday to Saturday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.) -> 514-522-3003 #1
  • By email (anytime) -> orders@lamer.ca
  • By SMS (anytime) -> 514-900-6727

Is there a minimum amount to place an order?

To benefit from the wholesaler price, the minimum for an order is $100. All orders under $100 will be made at the retail price.

What should I specify when ordering?

To help you better communicate your order, it will be useful for you to specify the following information:


Specific name of fish, seafood or other. Specify size and subspecies if multiple options are available. For example for salmon – regular Atlantic size 10/12, 12/14, Atlantic organic, King, etc. For example for clams – Littleneck, pasta, etc.


  • In KG or LBS
  • GROSS Quantity – Weight of Whole Fish
  • NET Quantity – Net Weight of Fillet/Steak
  • In number of units – please specify a total weight to account for variability in fish sizes.
  • Per case – please specify the number of units/weight as case size may vary.


  • Whole
  • Scaled only
  • Gutted only
  • Scaled and gutted
  • In Fillets with skin
  • In Fillets Skinless
  • In steaks

Is it possible to place a special order (specific or rarer fish or seafood, etc.)?

Yes, absolutely. However, conditions apply regarding the availability of the product which is never guaranteed (seasonality or scarcity).

Have your fish been frozen before arriving at La Mer?

Our fresh fish is never thawed, except for rare exceptions that will always be communicated to you.

What are the payment methods?

Orders are payable before delivery by credit card or weekly though pre-authorized debit agreement.

It is also possible to pay by debit card for orders picked up in person.

Is there a shipping fee?

The minimum order for free delivery is 250$. A delivery fee of $20 will be charged for orders under $200, and $10 for orders between 200$ and 250$.

At all times, a $5 fuel surcharge is automatically added to each delivery order.

What is the frequency of deliveries?

Deliveries are made Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Montreal area (Island of Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Brossard).

What if my business is not located in the Montreal area?

You can pick up your order at La Mer. It is possible for us to send your order to you by charter bus at your expense.

If I want to pick up my order, when can I do so?

Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

If I am not satisfied with one or more products in my order, what are my options?

Upon receipt, if you are not completely satisfied with a product, tell the delivery person and get in touch with your representative. If this is the case, give the product back to the delivery person so that they can bring it back and we can issue a credit note. If the delivery person has left, contact your representative or call La Mer directly to let us know the situation and we will find the best solution to fully satisfy you.