La Mer is committed to sustainability

For La Mer, respect for the environment, the oceans and our fellow human beings is part of our core values. La Mer is therefore committed to a responsible sourcing policy for fish and seafood. Sustainable fisheries products represent an increasing part of our products, and we aim to have 100% of our products come from sustainable sources.

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Sustainable products:

  • Do not harm the species, its ability to reproduce, and its environment;
  • Are traceable and of reliable provenance; and
  • Are socially responsible, with good conditions for fishermen and their communities.
La Mer holds the Fourchette Bleue certification and sells products certified sustainable fishing:
  • OceanWise
  • Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)
  • CleanFish
  • ​Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)

Local supply

Local supply

La Mer showcases products from Quebec and Canada. Local sourcing is an important aspect of the responsible provenance of our products. We prioritize Quebec suppliers as much as possible, because our province has an immense wealth of fish and seafood to discover. A few disponsible in La Mer:

  • Fresh fish from Lac St-Pierre
  • The urchins of the Gaspé
  • Lobster from I.D.M.
  • Lac St-Pierre sturgeon caviar
  • Arctic Char and Brook Trout
  • Snow crab
  • Nordic shrimp
  • Algae of Gaspé
  • Do you know a Quebec product you would like to see at La Mer? Let us know!

The Maritime provinces, the great lakes, and the west coast of Canada are also rich in top quality fish, shellfish and other seafood. One of our favorite suppliers is Organic Ocean, a British Columbia fishermen's cooperative that provides us with excellent wild fish harvested responsibly. North America has some of the world's best fish and seafood. We always rely on our local fishermen and fish farmers before we go for a product elsewhere in the world.



Our commitment to traceability gives you confidence, by buying our fish and seafood, that you do indeed consume a healthy, fresh product, from a reliable origin. Traceability is a guarantee of honesty, quality and freshness of our fish and seafood.

Traceability record

By engaging with suppliers who respect our values, our expertise allows us to tell you for each of our products:

  • the origin
  • the fishing method
  • freshness, and
  • sustainable or organic fishing certification where available.

Rely on our traceability sheets displayed for each fresh product sold in our market. These sheets indicate the important information about the product you are interested in. In the future, expect technology-driven fact sheets to tell you more about the product, including direct links to the producer and the preparation methods suggested by our chef. For more information, do not hesitate to consult our fish experts who will be happy to answer your questions. ​

Reduction of single-use plastic

In the spirit of eco-responsibility, we would like to invite you to participate in our initiative to reduce plastic waste and single-use packaging products in our operations.

For pickup orders, we offer to pack your order in a durable and reusable plastic box, including a washable and reusable ice pack.

If you choose to participate, check the "reusable box" option in the basket before you place your order. A single $10 deposit will be applied to your first order. Your order will be packaged in a durable, reusable plastic box with ice pack.

For subsequent orders, the "reusable box" option will be added free of charge to your order. When picking up your orders, simply return the box and ice pack from the previous order.

If you do not return your box from the previous order and want a new reusable box, a $10 in-store fee will be payable in-store for your new box.

We are working to create an environmentally responsible system that works best for everyone. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.