Poissons congelés Poissons congelés

Premium frozen fish

Congélé fish are often avoided by connoisseurs, but the reality is that this method of useful preservation, for example for products out of season, and very valid today. Our frozen products must meet even more rigorous quality criteria than our fresh products. The freshness at the time of freezing, often on a boat or a few hours depending on the fishing, allows you to taste frozen fish safely.

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Haidacore Tuna - 750g
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Sardines - 750g
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Frozen Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillet
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Frozen Dover Sole - 500 gr
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Frozen Black Cod fillet
Sale price$34.99
Seal Loin - 300 gr
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Filet de saumon atl.
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filet de saumon atlantique sustainable blue
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Portions de Saumon Ōra King congelé - 5 lbs
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Bar de Patagonie
Chilean Sea Bass - 280 gr
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