Shipping policy

In-store pickup

On your online orders, choose the in-store pickup option to pick up your order in person at the fishmonger. We accept orders until 2pm for pickup the next day. By ordering, it is possible to choose thedate and dateapproximate time at which you wish to pick up your order, from Monday to Saturday during our opening hours.

For contactless pickup, please approach the visible pickup window before entering the store.

Your order will be packed with ICE to ensure freshness during transportation.A secure pick-up code will be assigned to you by email, you will need to provide this code to be able to pick up your order. Identification will also be required at the time of pickup.

Local delivery (Montreal area)

The Sea now offers Local home delivery.

Local delivery is available in the following locations: Montreal, Laval, and some municipalities on the South Shore. Delivery is limited to the following postal codes with the shipping costs indicated: 10$.

H2K, H2L, H2X, H3A, H3G, H1W, H2Z, H3B, H5A, H5B.
H2J, H2H, H2W, H3H, H3J, H3K, H3C, H2Y, H4Z.
H3E, H3P, H3R, H3S, H3T, H3W, H3X, H4A, H4B, H4C, H4E, H4G, H4H, H4P, H4W, H4V, H4X, H8N, H8P, H2S, H2V, H2T, H3Y, H3V, H3Z, H1V, H1X, H1Y, H2A, H2E, H2G, H2P, H2R.
H8R, H8S, H1M, H1N, H1P, H1R, H1S, H1T, H1Z, H2B, H2C, H2M, H2N, H3L, H4L, H4M, H4N, H4R, H4T.
H7A, H7B, H7C, H7E, H7H, H7J, H7K, H7L, H7M, H7P, H7R, H7X, H7Y, H7G, H7N, H7S, H7T, H7V, H7W, J4B, J4G, J4J, J4H, J4K, J4L, J4M, J4N, J4P, J4R, J4S, J4T, J4V, J4W, J4X, J4Y, J4Z, J3Y, J3Z, H1A, H1B, H1C, H1E, H1G, H1H, H1J, H1K, H1L, H4J, H4K, H4S, H4Y, H8T, H8Y, H9A, H9B, H9G, H9P, H9R, H9S, H8Z, H9C, H9E, H9H, H9J, H9K, H9W.

Local delivery times

We deliver from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm. we accept orders until 2pm for next day delivery. When ordering, it is possible to choose a future date and time slot for your delivery, in 3-hour increments. Home or office deliveries are possible. Your order will be packed with ICE to ensure freshness during transportation. You will be notified when your order leaves on the road.

Due to the perishable nature of our products, you must be on site to receive your order or designate a safe place to drop off your order in the order instructions. You can designate the name of another person at the delivery address authorized to receive the package in the delivery address. We are not responsible for packages that cannot be handed over by hand. If these steps are not followed and it is not possible to return your package, or if it is not possible to reach you by phone, your order will be taken back to the fishmonger for pickup and this, without reimbursement of costs.

Shipping (outside Montreal)

Don't you live in Montreal?

We offer Priority shipping service within 24 or 48 hours of your order at a fixed price of$50. Some more delicate products are excluded from this offer.

Since we ship fresh fish and seafood, we will estimate delivery times with our logistics partners before confirming your order. We will refuse and refund the order if the shipping times are not reasonable.

Delivery times are only estimated and are calculated from the date of shipment and not from the date of the order. They are for information purposes only and are subject to acceptance and approval of your order. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, we will spare no effort to ensure that your order is delivered on the desired delivery date. However, upon confirmation of your order, the current delivery date may be between 24 hours and [5] working days following the date of your desired order depending on the product, the arrival and availability of the product at sea.

Working days mean Monday to Friday, except holidays.

To prevent an order from being delivered more than 2 days after shipment, we only ship orders on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This prevents an order from being in transit during the weekend.

The delivery date may vary depending on the shipping practices of the courier company, the place of delivery, the method of delivery and the items ordered. It is also possible that the products are delivered in several separate shipments.