Demi homard cru congelé
Homard cru congelé - 300gr

Frozen Raw Half Lobster

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Discover this new product: a raw lobster shucked, and frozen, all natural, without preservatives and easy to prepare!

The lobster is split in half, and each package contains the flesh of a half-tail and the entire flesh of the claw and the knuckles placed in the half-shell. Approximately 250-300gr per package.

It is the high pressure processing lobster treatment that allows incredible 100% recovery of the edible lobster flesh. Unlike cooked lobster products, the HPP does not require food additives or conservation agents that can alter the flavor of the final product.

Live lobsters are placed in a "cold" high pressure room. This process causes the contraction of the lobster and detaches the raw flesh from the carapace. This allows fast, clean and complete release of the lobster flesh from the shell, resulting in unparalleled quality lobster products.

In addition, high pressure treatment is considered one of the most humane ways to treat lobster living by PETA and WWF.

This is why high pressure treatment provides lobster products from the highest quality to the retail market. It guarantees raw lobster an optimal freshness and ultimate convenience for the consumer.