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Complete your shopping and make sure you have all the ingredients necessary to prepare a magnificent meal of fish or seafood. In our delicatessen you will find all the ingredients and accessories additional to our fishmonger products. Shop our sauces and spices, sushi products, oils and vinegars, pasta and rice, algae and wines from Quebec, cooking tools, and other private imported products.

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1642 Yuzu - 275 mL
Sale price$3.29
Seaweed Salad - 200 gr
Sale price$6.59
Naoki Chopsticks
Sale price$2.59
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Tomates pelées biologiques - 12 x 590 gr
Organic peeled tomatoes - 590g
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Sauce tartare - 250 mL
Tartar Sauce - 250 mL
Sale price$3.99
Cocktail Sauce - 250 mL
Sale price$3.99
Lobster pick
Sale price$2.99
Small La Mer oyster knife
Sale price$3.99
Fumet de poisson
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Mother of Pearl Spoon
Sale price$6.99
Sour cream
Sale price$16.29
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Couteau à huîtres La Mer 3 pouces
La Mer 3" Oyster Knife
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Algues séchées Flocons mélange - 40 gr
Wonton Wrappers - 12 oz
Sale price$4.59
Tabasco - 142 mL
Sale priceFrom $9.69
Tabasco - 57 mL
Sale price$4.69
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Huile d'Olive La Mer
La Mer Olive Oil - 750 ml
Sale price$16.99
Steel Lobster Cracker
Sale price$4.99