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The sea at the Maisonneuve market

Welcome to our online store La Mer at the Maisonneuve market. Order to collect for our new branch at the Maisonneuve public market, located at 445 rue Ontario E. Montréal, H1V 3V3.

The sea offers you an exceptional online shopping experience for fans of fish and seafood. We offer a selection of our best whole and net fresh fish, seafood, oysters, homemade products and Condeled products, all with unrivaled simplicity and convenience. Customers can explore quality products, select their favorite items, and specify their time of withdrawal, their order. The practical location of the new branch of the Maisonneuve public market guarantees easy and quick access to first quality marine ingredients for all cooking enthusiasts, while offering exceptional service and fresh products of exceptional quality.

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Crabe des neiges frais 3L (extra large)
Atlantic Salmon Fillet
Sale priceFrom $9.29
Hors saisonSold out
Thon Bluefin - 200 gr
Disponible en magasin
Crabe des neiges frais 2L
Icelandic Cod Loin
Sale priceFrom $14.49
Save 7%
saumon atlantique entier
Whole Atlantic Salmon
Sale price$125.00 Regular price$134.99
Home Smoked Salmon
Sale priceFrom $22.99
Lobster Platter
Sale priceFrom $129.00
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Cascumpec - Dz
Cascumpec - Dz
Sale price$23.88
Crabe des neiges frais 3L - 10 lbs
Save 14%
Filet de flétan - 200 gr
Halibut Fillet (QC) - 200 gr
Sale price$14.59 Regular price$16.99
Robalo - 700 gr
Sale price$23.99
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Lucky Limes -  Dz
Lucky Limes - Dz
Sale price$26.28
Dorado - 500 gr
Sale price$14.99
Chilean Sea Bass - 280 gr
Sale price$36.99
Icelandic Haddock Fillet
Sale priceFrom $19.99
Homemade Salmon Gravlax
Sale priceFrom $22.49
Live Snow Crab
Sale priceFrom $22.99
Sale price$1.29