Sturgeon caviars 

There are several types of sturgeon in the world, a prehistoric fish that grew and matured over a period of decades. The characteristics of each type of sturgeon affect the taste, appearance and texture of the eggs. At different times of the year you will find these types of sturgeon caviar in fishmongers:

Beluga sturgeon caviar

Oscietra sturgeon caviar

Siberian sturgeon caviar

White sturgeon caviar

Sevruga sturgeon caviar

Yellow sturgeon caviar from the St. Lawrence River

Sturgeon caviar at an affordable price?

La Mer has selected the best caviars for you. Our sturgeon caviar from Quebec, New Brunswick and British Columbia are sustainable and premium quality choices. Locally sourced caviars, these allow you to taste this luxury product at a more affordable price, compared to imported caviars.

Caviar du Lac St-Pierre, Northern Divine, Canada's first organic caviar, and the famous Acadian Caviars that you can also order in advance are some of our choices to complement your most refined meals. You will also find blinis and pearl spoons for your caviar.

Caviar and fish roe

Some purists maintain that the word caviar only designates sturgeon roe salted and preserved according to accepted methods. Nowadays we can find caviars (roe) of many different fish, salted and preserved according to different methods. The most popular are:

Mujjol black caviar (herring & mullet roe)

Fresh salmon caviar

Frozen chum salmon caviar (Ikura)

Fresh Trout caviar

Fresh Whitefish caviar

Fresh Lumpfish caviar