Crab varieties

King Crab)

Rock crab tongs (Stone Crab) China manufacturer)

Common crab

Spider crab

Blue crab

Soft crab

Atlantic red crab

Alaskan bairdi crab

How to Prepare Crab

Crab is often sold cooked and then frozen, a method that helps to better preserve quality. Since it is already cooked, it is necessary to be careful not to overcook it by heating it. It is recommended that you gradually defrost your frozen crab over several hours, and do not anneal the crab if your recipe allows you to eat the crab cold. If you want to warm it up, you can dip it in boiling water for 2 minutes, or crack it and bake it in the oven covered garlic butter, for example. Avoid overcooking and drying the flesh unnecessarily.

Crab recipes

The good quality crab can be enjoyed very well simply cooked and peeled, with a sauce, and in recipes such as the classic crab cakes or crab salad.

Crab recipes

Snow crab