In addition to offering the most complete choice of seafood products, we stand out by offering a wide range of products for private imports in our shop. La Mer also favors local producers and offers a wide selection of local products.


La Mer has selected the best caviars for you. Our sturgeon caviars from Quebec, British Columbia, Italy, France, Germany, Israel and Bulgaria are of superior quality.

The Lac St-Pierre Caviar, Northern Divine, the first Canadian organic caviar, and the famous Osetra and Béluga caviars which you can also order in advance are some of our choices to complement your most refined meals.

Olive oils and vinegars

Whether to accompany your salads or to complement your recipes, we have selected a wide variety of extra virgin olive oil and vinegars for all tastes. We have products from private imports (extra virgin olive oils, nut oils, herbal, lemon and even lobster flavored oils, as well as our balsamic vinegars and apple, honey or saffron flavored vinegars ) to the delight of your taste buds.

Pasta, noodles, rice, and alternatives

We have a large selection of pasta (organic, egg, colorful, gluten-free) for all your seafood and fish recipes, as well as a large choice of rice for risotto, paella and sushi to share with the family or with your friends. friends. We also provide great alternatives like quinoa and barley.