Oyster opening service

Our new oyster opening service isavailable with your order of a case of 100, 50, or 12 oysters. To order, choose your oysters and add the service to your basket. We will open your fresh oysters at the time of your order for in-store pickup or home delivery (Montreal region only). Covered with the shell and served over ice with lemon and mignonette, oysters can be stored for up to 6 hours after opening. Before consuming, remove the shell and loosen the lower muscle.

Oyster cases

Available by the unit (in store), by the dozen or in small formats of 18 and 24 units or in large formats in cases of 100 units and more. Come visit us or order online. Delivery and our opening service of oysters on ice platter are also available.

Oyster varieties

Cascumpec Bay (IPE)

Foxley River (PEI)

Lot 6 Reserves (IPE)

Raspberry Point (IPE)

Lucky Limes (IPE)

Malpeque (IPE)

Salt Grass (IPE)

Rustico (IPE)

French Kiss (NB)

Kusshi (CB)

Kumamoto (CB)

Glidden Point (Maine)

Pemaquid (Maine)

South Bay Blonde (Massachusetts)

Cotuit (Massachusetts)

Oysters Rockefeller

For a change, try our Rockefeller oyster recipe! We recommend large oysters to prepare this recipe.

Oysters on special

Discover a new oyster thanks to our weekly specials on a different variety of oysters!

The price of oysters

The price of oysters may vary depending on the quality and origin. There are "standard" oysters and "choice" oysters on the market. "Standard" oysters are oysters that do not have a nice shape. The oysters "of choice" are precisely chosen by the oyster farmer to ensure a beautiful shell, solid and easy to open. Premium oysters typically sell for over $ 1 / oyster in quantities of 100 or more oysters.

The price of the complete oyster case is advantageous because there is no handling of the product. When we sell smaller oysters (by the dozen, by the unit) the price per oyster is higher as each oyster is carefully checked before being packaged for your order.