A wide variety of whole fish

We offer the largest variety of fresh fish available in Montreal. Our buyers have decades of experience finding the best fresh produce on the market. We have trusting relationships with the best fishermen, aquaculture farms and suppliers in the Maritimes, on the east coast of the United States, in Quebec, in British Columbia, and around the world.

Fish cutting experts

Our fish experts have years of experience cutting fish. The cut of your whole fish bought in store or online is always offered free of charge.

Fillets and steaks

Our fresh fish fillets and steaks are cut daily by our expert cutters. We offer the widest variety of fresh fillets on the market.

Frozen fish

For fish that are not in season or not available fresh, we offer top quality frozen options, often frozen on boat for maximum freshness. Freezing according to the right procedures keeps the quality of the product at an exceptional level.

Smoked salmon and other smoked fish

Our homemade smoked salmon is made weekly from fresh salmon, never frozen. You'll also find other fresh fish smoked on site, or frozen smoked fish from other quality smokehouses.

Fish recipes

Looking for inspiration for your meal? Start with fresh ingredients, and everything will be fine! Check out our fish recipes here:

Fish recipes

Fish on ice