Langoustines 10/15 Islande - 800 gr

Scampi 10/15 Denmark - 800gr

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North Sea Scampi - Premium Size 10/15

Discover the luxury and finesse of our freshly caught scampi, directly imported from the pure waters of the North Sea. These premium crustaceans, sized 10/15 per pound, are renowned for their juicy and delicate flesh that delights gourmets. Each scampi is carefully selected to ensure exceptional quality, offering an unparalleled culinary experience. The scampi are packaged in 800g frozen packets, approximately 20 scampi per pack.

Authentic Origin

Caught in the cold, clear waters of the North Sea and processed in Denmark, our scampi come from sustainable fishing that respects marine ecosystems. This region is famous for its superior quality seafood, thanks to its rich and well-preserved marine environment.

Superior Quality

Our scampi are sold headless, preserving the richness of their taste in the tail, the most flavorful part. The size 10/15 ensures each piece is generous, ideal for being the centerpiece of your seafood dishes.