Risotto à la milanaise et pétoncles poêlés

Risotto à la milanese et petoncles poêlés

Preparation time: 10 min

Cooking time: 35 min

Portions: 4 people


454gr scallop
500gr of rice a risotto
2 French shallots in cube
1 tsp of Safran
100gr chopped fresh parsley
30gr of spices the sea the fisherman
~ 1,5l of chicken broth or broth
10cl of olive oil
1 cup of parmesan grated or more tasteful



  1.  In a bowl, mix saffron with a little water. Reserve.
  2.  To return the shallots in 5 cL of olive oil for 2 min, add the spices and return again 5 min.
  3.  Put the rice in the frying pan to glaze and add the broth or smoked small to small.
  4.  Add saffron and count about 20 min of cooking for the rice (depending on the desired cooking).  Finish with chopped parsley.
  5.  Add Parmesan at the end of the rice cooking. Blend.
  6.  In another stove blow the scallops with 5 cl of olive oil 30sec (1 min for scallops larger) on each side just before serving.