crevettes nordiques entières fraîches

Whole Nordic Shrimp

Format:1 lb

Whole nordic shrimp from Quebec freshly cooked on the boat, these are small, salty at the outset with a sweet meat. Perfect for your salads, pastas, or just as a snack. 

In 2024, the situation of the northern shrimp in Quebec is particularly precarious, mainly due to the impacts of climate change on its natural habitat. These environmental changes have led to a significant decline in stocks, resulting in a drastic 90% reduction in fishing quotas. This reduction is not due to overfishing, but rather to the inevitable effects of water warming.

Faced with this reality, we have taken concrete steps to support our local fishermen, who are severely affected by these changes. Instead of selling their small volume of shrimp at low prices to processing plants, one of our fisherman partners will deliver his catch directly to us. This initiative allows his business to remain viable while ensuring a regular supply of high-quality northern shrimp.

We are proud of this partnership, which not only guarantees the freshness and superior quality of our products, but also provides economic support to our local fishermen in the face of current ecological challenges. By choosing our northern shrimp, you directly contribute to supporting the efforts of these fishermen to overcome the difficulties associated with climate change.

We invite you to discover the exceptional flavor of our northern shrimp, delivered directly from the water to your table. Each purchase is a step towards more sustainable fishing and vital support for our coastal communities in Quebec.