Whole Frozen Montagui Shrimp

Whole Frozen Montagui Shrimp

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Discover the delicious Montagui shrimp, caught by the Inuit in the pure and cold waters of Ungava bay, located northwest of the Atlantic Ocean. These shrimps, close relatives of the Nordic shrimps of Quebec, are distinguished by their exceptional texture and their incomparable flavor.

Fished in a responsible and sustainable manner, these whole shell-on shrimp are immediately cooked and frozen on board the boat, thus guaranteeing unequaled freshness. Their flesh is firm and juicy, offering an unequaled taste experience with each bite.

Perfect for all your favorite recipes, from salads to hot dishes, Montagui shrimp add a touch of refinement and delicacy to your meals. Treat yourself to an authentic taste of the Arctic with these exceptional marine treasures!

Savor the difference with the Montagui shrimp-a unique product, from ancestral traditions and the know-how of the Inuit.