Filet de flétan pacifique congelé
Filet de flétan pacifique congelé

Frozen Pacific Halibut Fillet

Sale price$22.99
Format:170 gr

Frozen pacific halibut sold by 6 oz (170 gr) portion vacuum-sealed. Once you've had halibut for the first time, we can guarantee this fish will make regular appearances on your dinner plate. Aside from it being lean, mild in flavor, sweet tasting, and absolutely scrumptious - halibut is also packed with omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, and magnesium. And these nutrients are known to contribute to a heart healthy diet. 

Pacific Halibut is the largest flat-fish in the ocean, and has been known to grow even longer than humans are tall. At Organic Ocean, pacific halibut is caught by longline which is the same method used to catch wild sablefish. Our pacific halibut comes from one of the best managed fisheries in the world through a joint management plan with Canada and the United States ensuring you’re getting the most sustainable and also the best tasting halibut we have to offer. 

Firm with big flakes, halibut is so versatile as it can be prepared in many different ways, this includes steaming, poaching, baking, broiling, grilling, and sautéeing. Because halibut is lean, it doesn't take long to cook and is ready when the flesh is white and still glistens with moisture.