Bavaroise d'oursin

Bavarian sea urchin

Preparation time: 2 h 0 min

Cooking time: 30 min

Wear: 4 people


150 ml of milk
150 ml cream
3 sheets of gelatin
300 g of sea urchin coral (reserve a few aside for decoration)
10g salt + 10g pepper


  1.  Put the gelatin in the water to soften it
  2.  Heat the milk with salt and pepper until simmering
  3.  When the milk is lukewarm, add the gelatin with the sea urchin gonads
  4.  Mix and pass through the colander
  5.  Let cool
  6.  Whip the cream in whipped cream
  7.  Mix both devices when everything is cold
  8.  Fill the sea urchins with the mixture and put in the fridge 3 hours minimum
  9.  Decorate with a gonad of sea urchin, fish eggs..